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  • Are the prices cheaper?
    Our partner hotels provide us a discounted price, which is usually CHEAPER than their normal tariffs. These rates are not available when booking directly at the hotel. Moreover we continuously offer discounts&packages that change frequently.
  • Do you charge my credit card?
    NO, we need your credit card data to guarantee your reservation, the only case when your card is charged, when you fail to cancel your booking 24 hours before arrival and you don't show up. Some hotels may differ from this general rule, please check the cancellation policy carefully in the description of your hotel.
  • Ho do I book my room?
    Select a hotel by using our „search hotels” or „all hotels” function according to your needs. Fill in the reservation form, provided on our SSL secure site, including your credit card details. Your card will not be charged in advance, we need the details as a guarantee for your reservation. As soon as we have received your request we send you an information note stating that we acknowledged your booking request and our team reserves the services at the hotel of your choice. In case the type of room and services you have selected are available, we send you a confirmation. A request for booking does not mean automatic approval of your reservation. It depends on the availability of the requested hotel room.
  • How long is it to receive a confirmation?
    Upon receipt of your booking request we will send you a notification and a reference number that your request is being processed. The actual booking will be confirmed within latest 24 hours. Please always indicate this reference number in case of making changes or cancellation. We do our best to confirm your reservation as soon as possible, therefore it usually does not take 24 hours.
  • What happens if there is no room available?
    If there are no rooms available with the desired criteria, we will contact you and we will find another hotel that meets your expectation (that is why we inquire about your second choice in the reservation form).
  • Is it safe to provide my credit card numbers?
    YES. You will provide your credit card data via our secure 128 bit SSL server, certified by Thawte. You can check our identity by clicking on the Thawte logo. If you prefer, you can submit your credit card data via fax, too. The link to the fax booking sheet can be found on the reservation form.
  • What type of credit cards are accepted?
    Basically the hotels accept Visa and Mastercard, but you can check if any other possibilities exist when filling in the reservation form of a certain hotel.
  • Is it free to use your service?
    YES. We do not charge anything for using our services, the booking form shows you the final amount you will have to pay at your hotel, we do not add any further fees to that amount.
  • What does the rate include?
    The rates are per room per night including taxes and breakfast unless otherwise specified.
  • How can I make changes or cancel my reservation?
    You can make changes via e-mail or fax indicating your reference number. Cancellation policy: you may change or cancel your reservation usually latest 24 hours prior to your arrival, but within 24 hours no changes or cancellations are possible. In case of late cancellation the hotel will charge your credit card with the price of the first night. Some hotels may differ from this general rule, please check the cancellation policy carefully in the description of your hotel.
  • How can I find the hotel or apartment?
    Attached to the confirmation letter you will find useful information about the city and some help to find your hotel. A map is usually available at the "how to get there" section of the certain hotel.
  • How can I take my room?
    You can take your room at the hotel showing the confirmation letter. You will be asked to pay at the reception by credit card or cash.
  • What special consitions apply during the Formula 1 GP and New Year`s Eve?
    The Formula 1 championship and New Year's Eve are considered as extra seasons. Rooms are usually booked well in advance for these periods, therefore in most cases special rates apply and some hotels may reqest a pre-payment and/or a minimum number of nights to stay. In case you would like to reserve a room for the above periods we recommend that you fill in a reservation form to your preferred hotel and we'll come back with an offer containing the special rate and the special terms. Of course, you can also inquire in e-mail preceeding your reservation at:
  • What kind of children discounts apply?
    Children policy: generally babies under age 3 are free, children between age 3-12 can stay on extra beds with a reduced price and children above age 12 pay full price. Some hotels may differ from this general rule, please check the children policy carefully in the description of your hotel.
  • How to book a package or special offer?
    You can find the current offers at our "discounts&packages" page and at the bottom af each hotel's detailed description. By clicking on the "book this package" button, you can initiate a reservation. Please make sure that the requested period, number of people etc. meet the criteria of the certain special offer. In case of booking a package or discount offer the total price is not calculated automatically. Our colleagues verify if the requested booking corresponds to the terms and conditions of the package and send you a confirmation with the total price.
  • What are the conditions of an apartment rental?
    In case of booking an apartment, you will be asked to pay in cash upon arrival. Usually 1 night fee is to be paid as a deposit, which will be returned on departure, if no damages were made. The price of the apartment contains taxes, linnen and cleaning unless otherwise specified. Breakfast is not included. The key can be picked-up at the apartment at the prevoiusly agreed time.
  • Can I make a booking for a group?
    YES. Above 10 persons please use the group reservation function on the reservation page of the hotel. We handle your request individually and you can get further discounts (the number of persons that qualify for a group can differ by hotels). When reserving for a group, hotels may require prepayment, in this case we will notify you following your reservation.

We hope we could answer all your questions but in case you need more information contact us we are ready to help!

We wish you a pleasant stay!



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